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Humulus Lupulus

This unique plant, thanks to the possibility of using all its parts – cones, stems, branches and leaves. Hops (female inflorescences, cones) are used in brewing. Hops are necessary for giving beer the necessary taste. The strength of the drink from the addition of this component does not depend, but it is simply impossible to imagine the process of creating a favorite product without drunken cones.

Farm Elite-hops

The first hop in the c. Rhea were laid by settlers from the Czech Republic back in 1892. To date, specialists and workers of the hop-growing region continue the glorious traditions of Ukrainian hop-growers, growing hops of the best Ukrainian and European varieties. Fine aromatic, aromatic and bitter hop varieties are cultivated, which are competitive foreign varieties of hops.

The farm “Elite-hops” was created on the basis of the former hopsuit farm “Rey”, with. Rey Berdichevsky district of Zhytomyr region. The enterprise introduces organic production of hops, collection and processing into granules of Type-90 is carried out by modern high-technological mechanisms of Czech and German production.

FG “Elita-hmel” actively cooperates with scientists of the research institute “Polesie”, introducing scientifically grounded technology of works and advanced achievements in growing hops.

Hops grown in a farm use the majority of breweries in Ukraine and are in demand for krafter brewing.

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