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Pizzaro is a place where families come together for a common love of authentic Italian cuisine. Pizzaro is not your commonly themed restaurant as it puts its heart and soul when preparing food so that the quality, the presentation and the freshness of taste transports every individual bite, to times of the past and evokes memories of warmth and comfort to the recipient.

Pizzaro prides itself to create a comfortable, unique environment for customers to experience what it truly feels like to be an “Italian.” Our team exists to create and strengthen the feeling of Italian authenticity throughout our restaurants consistently.

We add life to our food and love to life.  Our core message is “The Address of Italian Food.” And that will always remain after the customer has left and we are clearing away the remnants of their tables.

Pizzaro offers an exceptional experience in both dine-in & delivery. For that, we have made sure through careful research and analytics to provide the best packaging to maintain the highest quality food.

Pizzaro is glad to provide customers with a premium delivery service. Our team exceeds the delivery promise time which represents our commitment to what and who Pizzaro stands for with the customer as our focal point.

Customers must acknowledge that we have a designated menu for Takeaway & Delivery orders.

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